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Terms and Conditions

Appysa Technologies Software Products are not for resale. And the customer can use them in single or multiple domains, based on the packages. Please carefully read our Appysa terms and conditions for better understanding.


This Appysa terms and conditions & EULA is the CONTRACT between a person & Appysa Technologies. Also, It covers guidelines of the product that go with this EULA. Further, associated software components may include media, printed/written data, and online documentation.

All such software and data referred to herein are the Software Product Scripts. Whereas, only Appysa or its authorized agents can provide the license to a delegated user, which is mandatory for all software product users. Also, If you don’t accept the terms of EULA, then you’re forbidden to buy, install and use the software.

Further, by abiding with this EULA, downloading, copying, accessing, or using the Software or Software Product License. Also, you are acknowledging and approving to be sure by the following our terms and conditions.

Grant Of Non-Exclusive License

The Software Product License, issued to the user, can install and use the software on multiple websites/domains. Also, you cannot modify or create derived copies of the software license.

Subject to validity provided software product license. therefore, We grant you the non-exclusive and non-transferable rights to use the software on multiple domains. However,  All privileges not expressly permitted to you retains by Appysa.

You can install the software license on multiple websites and make copies of the software license only for backup or record purposes. However, no more extra copying. Also, each copy should bear all copyright and proprietary rights information on or within the software license.

General terms of task

The client is responsible for providing all the site content (text and media) to Appysa. And, such must give before starting the project.

It’s client responsibiliy to take appropriate backups of all content on their website. Before allowing Appysa to take over the next course of shifting toward completing the agreement. Further, Appysa Technologies will not be responsible for any loss or damage to existing data on any occurrence.

The agreement does not bear Appysa liable for any data entry, web server hosting, or customized graphics-related tasks. Unless particularly mentioned, settled for, and approved by either the parties on such. Also, any graphic, media, or text developed by us for the client will remain the possessions of Appysa and its suppliers till approved.

While Appysa strives best to complete all deliveries within the evaluated time. At times there might be a necessity to extend or alter the time. And, times of inevitable and non-forecasted circumstances. Such as issues on deployment, 3rd party support, development halts, unavailability of resources in a crisis, notice holds, etc.

Client’s Liabilities

We will allow the client to review the delivered project (Web and Apps) once finished. Following this, Appysa will wait seven days to lookup for client feedback on the shared output. If the client doesn’t reply within this duration, it’s considered to be automatically received and agreed upon by the client.

Client owns the copyright to the files, data, and logos given by the client and authorizes Appysa the privileges to publicize and use those data. The client must get authorization and rights to use any data owned by a third party. The client is also liable for allowing Appysa. Approval and rights to use the same and consent to compensate and aid Appysa from any claims from the client’s delinquency or inability to get appropriate copyright permissions. A web design agreement will consider as confirmation from the client to Appysa, that all permissions and authorities gave. Also, you need to provide authorization proof.

Client’s Responsibilities

Appysa will not bear responsibility for any changes caused by the client or a third party occurring to the customer’s pages/site/Apps once deployed. Such changes include, but are not restricted to altering additions, or deletions.

The final development will be successfully installed on the client-server side and then delivered. Once the project gets delivered, Appysa won’t be responsible for any data loss. Also, crashes in sever, or other issues by technical or manual modifications done by the customer or any third party. The client will be accountable for any such occurrences as per Appysa terms and conditions.

We will get the basic credentials from the customer for the project installation procedure. Once the product is successfully deployed and delivered to the customer, to evade a data breach credentials have to change. And, Appysa don’t take accountability for such issues. The project delivered will be exactly as depicted in the demo. All other modifications in the UI and functionality are as additional customization to the product.


We accept PayPal, Stripe, Western Union, or Bank Transfers (yet we have the right to deny payment in any of these methods without information). The client should submit a Transaction Token & swift code for Bank Transfers. It enables us to follow your payment in our bank.

Without limit, Appysa also has the privilege to withdraw any transaction methods. At any moment and to alter its prices without notification. Upon the fulfillment of payment from the customer. It would take around 24 to 48 hours (except holidays) to initiate the next process for the order placed.

Client can’t revoke the service at any phase of development. Once the sale gets accomplished, there will be no refund or cancellation claims.

Add-ons, Re-work, and Billing

Any added features not proposed in the extent of the project. That considers a change management process and will bill additionally. Requirement Creeps after the page schematic gets done would bill as extra payment as the time and expense for delivery would expand.

We will not do any exclusive customization claims reserved only for any of our clients.

Some tweaks like minor modifications usually get fixed. Yet, if we felt overused. We will frame a list of tasks found for abuse and bill extra per the complete time efforts applied. And, launched on to obtain the task at firm rates varying from $ 15 to 20 per hour.

Although we strive best to wrap most modifications within the accounts of the website. Some modifications categorize as add-ons to the design and will be payable; we will inform you before we begin on such tasks.

Any re-work, modification, or tweak proposal by the customer. After-acknowledgment or added to the next stage of the project cycle consider as an add-on task and billed extra.

The customer must pay the payment charged by Appysa without any markdowns, bargains, or deficit payment by the consented due dates.

Acceptance and Delivery

Appysa tehnologies strive best to deliver the project within the consented time duration. But it may get altered for technical causes or unavoidable circumstances. The customer should review the project after delivery to update feedback within seven days. In case when the client doesn’t respond within this period, the project will consider approved and acknowledged by the customer. Appysa shall be accountable only for bug fixes associated with the committed functions in SOW. App submission will start after the joint discussion before the client’s approval. The entire source code delivery depends on the sales affirmation. And we won’t bear the responsibility for other changes not marked in the agreement.

Support & Third-party

We provide free support on your sales contract. Once the free support period expires, clients can pick suitable support packages to their requirements. We also offer value deals if the client goes with a higher package. The coverage of the support package includes bug fixes and email support. And, it excludes issues connected to the website architecture, rule modifications, and add-ons.

Any 3rd-party support, development, and services into the website require copyright, payment, license, etc. It is the client’s responsibility to furnish or will obtain by Appysa on behalf of the customer on pre-payment for this procurement.

The fee set by Appysa is out-of-pocket payments and cost claims filed by third-party services or products involved.

Appysa won’t provide guarantees or warranties for the accuracy or performance of 3rd-Party services or products.

Any upgrade from the Third-Party service or product used in the project will not be within the scope of Appysa. Such gets handled per feasibility and modification of price. And time might be set by Appysa.



Appysa always strive to complete all tasks within the consented timeframe. The development period begins upon the receipt of both the settled % deposit (varying from 50% to 80% of the project. Cost as mutually consulted and approved before contract fulfillment) as approval and all site content from the client. Appysa may extend any timeframe due to occurrences exceeding its control.


If the court finds any requirement of this contract/ terms of service nonbinding or inoperative. The rest of this contract/terms of service explored, to affect the purpose of the parties. Either party may reconsult the Appysa terms and conditions terms influenced by the severance.

Such invalid, prohibited, or unenforceable requirement gets replaced by a mutually valid, lawful, and enforceable requirement. Also, it comes nearest to the purpose of the parties underlying the nonbinding, prohibited, or unenforceable requirement.

Liability Clause

If the court finds any requirement of this contract/ terms of service nonbinding or inoperative. The rest of this contract/terms of service explored, to affect the purpose of the parties. Either party may reconsult the Appysa terms and conditions terms influenced by the severance.

Such invalid, prohibited, or unenforceable requirement gets replaced by a mutually valid, lawful, and enforceable requirement. Also, it comes nearest to the purpose of the parties underlying the nonbinding, prohibited, or unenforceable requirement.


Appysa terms and conditions of this contract and the privileges of the parties here govern solely by Indian law. Without considering its disagreement with law provisions.

The parties unredeemed approve that the courts of India shall own exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute that arises out of, underneath, or in association with the Appysa Terms and Conditions. The order placement will confirm the endorsement of these conditions attached to the order.

No Contact Contract

All of your representatives (on behalf of you)

(i)Communications about a possible transaction with our employees, 

(ii) Asking for more information from our team without our knowledge.

(iii) Requesting or hiring our team to work for you or referring them to work for other parties without our concern.

All the above claims are strictly Forbidden, and it’s under legal action from our side.

If you got any queries on this EULA or want to reach our team for more details, please connect to us via the following modes:

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