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Create Your Own Aribnb clone Script Rental Platform Similar to Airbnb. Effortlessly Launch Your Airbnb-Inspired Rental Business

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What is Airbnb Clone Script?

Our Airbnb clone script is designed with user-friendly features and functionality, offering a seamless experience. Users can effortlessly register, browse listings, and make bookings. Furthermore, we have the capability to personalize your app to meet your specific requirements, including the integration of new and enhanced features and functionalities

Booking Options

Booking Calendar

Within our Airbnb clone script, both hosts and users employ the calendar feature to signify availability and facilitate room bookings for their vacation plans.

Discount Rate

Our vacation rental software prominently showcases discounted pricing for accommodations, strategically designed to entice and engage users.

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Highlighted Selections

Feature Items

Hosts have the opportunity to strategically enhance the visibility of their listings by promoting them, thereby increasing their chances of securing more bookings.

Supervise Promotion

Our Airbnb clone script empowers admin with the capability to proficiently create and oversee promotions, thereby enhancing sales and overall performance.

Seller Chat

Quick Chat

Our Airbnb clone app seamlessly enables real-time communication between hosts and users via a chat feature, ensuring quick resolution of queries and clarifications.


Our Airbnb app clone empowers both hosts and travelers to share attachments seamlessly within the context of their instant chat conversations.

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Custom Filters

Ratings & Tariffs

Within our vacation rental software, travelers have the ability to employ sophisticated filtering options based on reviews and pricing, allowing them to identify the optimal host for their stay

Region Filter

Within our Airbnb clone, travelers can effortlessly locate listings by employing the location filter, streamlining their search for accommodations with utmost ease and accuracy.

Add Space

Reservation Management

Renters are provided with the flexibility to choose their preferred listing option for daily, weekly, or monthly durations


Our Airbnb clone script provides hosts with the capability to present their accommodations, including amenities, through video content that can be seamlessly integrated into the booking page.

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Testimonials and Ratings

Space review

In our Airbnb clone, ratings are based on reviews for each accommodation space. This process fosters trust and equips travelers with a dependable tool for informed decision-making.

Host review

In our Airbnb clone app, hosts possess the capability to provide reviews of travelers, sharing their perspective on the renting experience, thereby contributing to a comprehensive feedback ecosystem.

OTP Confirmation


The Airbnb clone script employs OTP (One-Time Password) verification as a security measure to authenticate and validate bookings, thereby ensuring secure and trustworthy transactions between hosts and travelers.


In the Airbnb clone script, travelers can effortlessly initiate the cancellation and receive refunds in accordance with the host's cancellation policy. This process is securely confirmed through OTP verification.

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Why you need to choose us

Our Airbnb clone script boasts cutting-edge features and technology. Our dedicated team is committed to swiftly resolving any technical issues, guaranteeing timely delivery. With us, you’ll benefit from complimentary installation, rebranding, and app submission services, providing a comprehensive solution. Place your trust in our Airbnb app clone for an effortlessly customized and seamless booking experience.

Significant features of Rental Classified script

Signup / Sign in

Our  Airbnb script prioritizes user convenience, offering the option for users to effortlessly log in to the app using their social media accounts.

Wish list

The Wishlist feature functions akin to bookmarking users' favorite destinations for future bookings. It's an functionality that contributes to boosting booking.

Payment Gateway

In Airbnb clone software, we've  integrated the Stripe payment gateway, thereby guaranteeing the security and efficiency of transactions for our users.


Multi Language

Our Airbnb script supports multi-language, enabling the translation of the entire website content into languages tailored to the specific needs of host and their global guests.


Multi Currency

Our Airbnb app clone seamlessly integrates with a multitude of currency options, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for individuals worldwide.

Instant Notification

Hosts and guests receive timely notifications encompassing booking confirmations, pickup and drop-off particulars, safety instructions, and more.

Profile Management

Crafted with the user's convenience in focus, our platform empowers users to effortlessly modify and refresh their profiles and information at their discretion.

Invite Friends

Our best Airbnb clone app provides an option for both guest and host to invite their friends to enjoy the features and performance of the platform.

Dark Theme

Airbnb clone script comes with different theme modes as dark mode and light mode, and the guests can switch between any of them.

OTP Based

In our vacation rental software, we employ an OTP-based mechanism to guarantee the security of both bookings and cancellations.

Manage Listing

The admin has the ability to access comprehensive details of each listing, including the listing title, host name, host email, address, and more. Furthermore, the admin can view, edit, and delete listings as needed.

Commission Management

The admin possesses the flexibility to apply either a fixed pricing structure or a percentage-based method for both hosts and guests. Moreover, they have the capability to adjust currency and pricing settings as necessary.

Revenue Models of Airbnb Clone

Key Revenue Generation Strategies for Maximizing Profits via Our Vacational rental software.


In the Airbnb app clone script, the admin earns a commission for every successful payment, with the flexibility to establish and tailor commission rules to their preferences

Featured Listing

The admin possesses the capability to initiate paid featured advertisements for listings, setting them apart as premium rentals and amplifying their visibility.

Google Ads

We have seamlessly incorporated Google AdSense into our Airbnb clone, facilitating additional revenue generation through the monetization of advertisements.

Banner Ads

Collaborate with host to display their advertisements on homepage banners, fostering a mutually beneficial revenue opportunity within the Airbnb-like platform.

LMS Clone Revenue


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includes web and apps
  • Website
  • Android and IOS app
  • 100% source code
  • Web and App installation
  • Logo and Colour Change
  • App Submission
  • Single Domain License
  • 6 month support

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Technology Used

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Absolutely, both the web and app versions are entirely adaptable to align with your precise needs and preferences.

Certainly, the package is transparent and devoid of any concealed fees or additional charges.

Upon successful payment processing and confirmation by our accounts team, you will receive the core source code package from our dedicated support team. After the completion of the installation and app submission procedures, our team will furnish you with the most recent and updated source code.

  • A dedicated server.
  • Logo and color scheme for branding.
  • A Play Store developer account.
  • An App Store developer account.
  • Social login credentials for authentication and user convenience.

Indeed, we diligently maintain and update our product to stay in sync with the most recent features and trends within the industry.

Indeed, we do have the capability to integrate, replace, or introduce new payment gateways into the system. However, it’s important to note that such customizations may involve additional costs.

Upon the purchase’s conclusion, the support period will initiate, during which you can interact with our support team through our ticketing system. It’s important to be aware that if a ticket remains unresolved, our team will continue to provide assistance, even if the support period for that specific query has expired.

Absolutely, you do have the option to extend the support period by reaching out to our team.

Should you have any additional questions or require further assistance