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Boost your customer base with a proactive, custom-made, data-driven digital marketing company with immaculate execution.

Digital marketing company
Digital marketing company
Digital marketing company
Digital marketing company
Digital marketing company

We Accelerate Your Brand Recognition & Growth

SERPYSA is a dynamic and cutting-edge digital marketing service that tweaks your brand recognition and income growth. Appysa assists as an extension of your crew to understand your market objectives and goals to frame customized marketing strategies that meet your unique business needs. Our systematic and targeted digital marketing approach drives profound impact and profitable results.

Our Services

Digital marketing company
Digital marketing company
Digital marketing company

SEO Services

With effective keyword research & SEO services, your competitors will get noticed, but your brand will be unmissable. SEO is more than ranking on google. By using, Appysa’s targeted marketing, be on top of the search results, user’s mind, and search engine optimization.


  • Tailored keyword research & analysis that adapt your business requirements to target your exact audience.
  • On-page optimization of your website keyword methods to boost potential leads and sales.
  • Technical SEO practices that adapt current search engine requirements to boost your site’s credibility.
  • Off-page SEO techniques on link-building outreach strategy that develops your visibility over the web.

Mobile App Marketing

We leverage your app outreach among millions of apps in Google play & App store. We are a global team of mobile digital marketing company who deliver tailored app marketing solutions using refined ASO techniques and performance-based User Acquisition to reach your goals.

  • ASO methods for Play store & Apple store to improve your App’s organic downloads & keyword rankings.
  • A growth Marketing plan holds influential marketing channels for sustainable user acquisition & monetization.
  • App Launch with our marketing experts your venture with pre and post-launch plans to outreach your app. 
  • The Market Research team by Appysa digs out the customized data analytics that steers your outcome efforts.
Digital marketing company
Digital marketing company
Digital marketing company
Digital marketing company

Paid ads Marketing(PPC)

Achieve prominent brand exposure & drive more leads from the right channel at the right time where your users are more engaged. Our experts frame your PPC search engine marketing (SEM) objectives & PPC campaign criteria/structure to get new leads to your site and downsize your advertising expenses. 


  • Our Search Engine Advertisement (SEA) experts equip search ad plans to boost visitors & sales to your site.
  • Our Google & Bing Ads experts optimize your PPC ads for each medium, enrich your SEM & get more engagement.
  • Our Remarketing campaign solutions retrieve the potential leads to your website who were interested earlier.
  • Our PPC audit explores and leverages the full potential of your Google Ads or any other PPC ads to engage users.

Social Media Marketing

Scale your brand attention, audience, and traffic with results-driven social media marketing. Effective social media marketing is more than just posting or analyzing the right techniques. Social networks are a subtle thing. The strategy that works for one brand may not be adequate for your brand-but that’s where Appysa can help.

  • Advertise to Your Actual Audience with personalized search tags for effective user targeting.
  • Tailored data-driven 24/7 social campaigns to improve the performance of the targeted ads and users.
  • Develop your online reputation with enhanced customer trust by sharing valuable content.
  • Your active social media presence will drive more exposure to your brand with potential leads.
Digital marketing company

Email Marketing

SERPYSA is an email marketing solution that propels conversions by devising the ideal strategy. Our objective is to create engaging emails and newsletters that stand out in your customer’s inboxes. Our experts assist from plan to deployment and everything in the phase for your business growth.


  • As an email marketing agency with proficient experts, we aid firms with ROI-driven email campaigns to obtain their goals. 
  • Email marketing campaigns are proven to obtain more exposure and potential user engagement to expand your business. 
  • End-to-end email marketing strategy proves to obtain customer retention and be more engaging. 
  • Cart abandonment emails are great for converting leads when they get notified to fulfill the purchase.
Digital marketing company
Digital marketing company

Proficient experts from our digital marketing company to propel your business!

Grow your bottle-line metrics with a custom digital strategy to obtain more visibility and conversion rate.

Digital marketing company
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What makes our services best?

At Appysa Technologies, we devise proven SEO techniques that rank your site for the relevant keywords to your company, products, or services. Then we concentrate on enhancing the content and grade of your website to engage users to buy or fill out a contact form, converting from another lead into a paying client.

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