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Dazzle up the e-learning industry with a top-notch coursera clone designed for curious students to upskill them through a magnificent learning platform.

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About the app

How Can the Coursera Clone Enhance Your E-Learning Business Strategy?

Unlock the potential of your e-learning business with the Coursera clone app, a turnkey solution embodying the rich features and functionalities of the original Coursera platform. This ready-to-use application empowers learners and professionals to delve into a myriad of subjects effortlessly. The Coursera clone script proves invaluable for entrepreneurs and startups, providing a seamless monitoring experience and a cutting-edge revenue model.

In the competitive landscape, our elearning script not only enhances your business with cost-effectiveness and time-saving attributes but also boasts remarkable features and functionalities. Elevate your business to new heights in the flourishing market by launching the versatile Coursera clone app for your e-learning platform and making a mark on the global stage!


Revenue Models

Prominent revenue generation strategies for optimal earnings.


Admin frames the commission rule per transaction and receives a commission fee on each course payment.

Featured Items

Admin can conduct premium featured ads for exclusive courses to spotlight them from other courses.

Google Ads

We incorporated Google AdSense into the online learning portal to yield extra revenue via ads.

Banner Ads

Team with tutors or companies to spotlight their ads and gain earnings on the landing page banners.

Special Features

Our key features on the Coursra clone

Learner Engagement

Tracking Academic Milestones

In this course, learners can sustain their enthusiasm and concentrate on their aspirations through effective progress monitoring.

Video Playback Continuation

This tool offers user-friendly assistance, enabling seamless navigation and progress tracking in the Coursera clone course.

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Instructor Console

Enlistment Scrutiny

On the Coursera clone platform, instructors can analyse their course enrolment through the dashboard, gaining valuable insights into the popularity of their courses and optimising their promotional strategies for better results.

Condensed view

On the Coursera app clone platform, instructors can access the dashboard analytics to obtain valuable insights into student engagement and use the information to enhance their courses for improved learning outcomes.

Message your instructor

Chat in real-time

The live chat functionality available on the Coursera clone platform facilitates instant communication between students and instructors, promoting quick resolution of doubts and timely responses to inquiries.

Supporting documents

On the Learnysa platform, users can utilize the real-time messaging feature to seamlessly exchange various types of files, such as documents and images, with their instructors and peers, facilitating effective communication and promoting teamwork.

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Enhanced Search Options

Course Intensity, Language & Duration

The Coursera clone on Learnysa provides a streamlined approach for users to find courses, enabling them to filter based on course intensity, preferred language, and duration, ensuring they find the perfect match for their learning goals.

User Reviews & Cost Considerations

Learner feedback and pricing details are readily available, assisting prospective students in assessing course excellence and instructor effectiveness. Instructors, in turn, can utilize these insights for refining their courses and teaching methodologies



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Users can easily create an account or log in to the Coursera clone platform using their Facebook or Google login credentials.

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With the course bookmarking feature, students can save courses they are interested in for future reference and quick access.

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Maximize motivation with the Coursera Clone script as students seamlessly track progress throughout the course. The script's Course Video Resume feature adds user convenience, enabling easy monitoring of course advancement.

The Coursera clone platform provides support for multiple languages, allowing instructors and students to upload and access courses in their preferred language with ease and convenience.

Learnysa Multi Currency

The Coursera clone platform's support for multiple currencies enables instructors to expand their reach and provide courses in a variety of currencies, appealing to a wider audience.


The Coursera clone app sends real-time alerts to both students and instructors through push notifications and emails, ensuring timely and effective communication.

Learnysa Profile Management

The Coursera app clone solution we provide includes a user-friendly profile management system that allows users to easily update and manage their profile information without any difficulty or restrictions.

learnysa invite friends

Users and instructors on Learnysa can effortlessly expand the platform's community by inviting their friends to join, enabling them to access a diverse range of courses.


The addition of a night mode feature in the coursera clone elevates its aesthetics and appeals to users with its stylish and contemporary interface.

learnysa user management

Learnysa admins can manage user accounts, enabling or disabling users as needed for effective user management.


The Learnysa platform enables administrators to manage courses, including adding, editing, and disabling them as required.

Leanysa commission management

The administrator of Learnysa can easily manage and configure commission rates for the sales of courses, ensuring efficient and smooth operations.

Why choose us

People choose us because we serve the best for everyone

Server Setup at No Extra Cost

Upon acquiring our Coursera clone script, we assure you a complimentary server installation. Enjoy the seamless setup process as we handle it for you, without any additional charges.

Free White Labeling

Transform our Coursera clone script into your own by effortlessly incorporating your logo and company name. Experience full ownership with personalized branding that sets your platform apart.

Submit Your Apps for Free

We handle the submission of the Coursera clone script you purchase, providing robust support to ensure it lands seamlessly on the iOS App Store and Android's Play Store.

Free Tech Support

Count on our skilled team for seamless integration of third-party elements such as Payment Gateways and Servers with your Coursera clone script. Reach out for expert guidance on any product-related inquiries.

Free licence with source code

Unlock a complimentary license and complete access to the source code of your Coursera clone script upon project completion. It's yours to own and customize as per your requirements.

One Time Payment

With a single payment for our Coursera clone script, acquire the complete source code at no additional expense. Experience seamless end-to-end support for a hassle-free and swift user experience.


Grab the best deal ever!

Embark on an unparalleled e-learning journey with Appysa – our phenomenal Coursera clone, delivering exceptional value. Explore cutting-edge features and top-notch functionality, ensuring an enriching experience for your users. Unleash the potential of education technology with Appysa, your gateway to excellence.

Elevate your platform’s standards with the market’s best value, setting new benchmarks in online learning. Join Appysa for a revolutionary approach to education at an unbeatable price.



Includes Web & Apps
  • Website & Apps
  • Web and App installation
  • Logo and Colour Change
  • App Submission
  • Single Domain License
  • 6 month support

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Coursera Clone App are pre-built software solutions that empower you to establish your online learning platform, akin to Coursera. These solutions facilitate the seamless creation and management of courses, providing a similar experience to the renowned online education platform.

Yes, Learnysa operates on a one-time payment model. There are no hidden costs or monthly fees associated with it, ensuring a transparent and cost-effective solution.

Certainly! Learnysa features an easy-to-understand coding structure, allowing you to make modifications tailored to your customization requirements.

Yes, the Coursera Clone allows users to rate and review courses, enhancing the learning experience and providing valuable feedback.

Post-purchase, our team will contact you to arrange the Coursera Clone deployment on your server, or provide a download link. We offer free deployment for cloud servers, with a turnaround time of 24-48 hours.

The annual fee is $25 for the Android Developer Account and $99 for the Apple Developer Account.

For a demo, simply contact us via the “View Demo” section on our site, email, or message us on WhatsApp +917200593059.

Appysa is dedicated to providing exceptional support following your purchase. We ensure that any emails sent to our support team during weekdays will receive a response within 24-48 hours. For emails received over the weekend, please expect a reply on the following Monday, as these are prioritized due to the increased volume of business inquiries. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we aim to offer you the best service possible. For support, contact us at

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