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Privacy Policy

Appysa Technologies esteems our customer privacy. We are keen on using our services with complete trust and your data protection. This Appysa Privacy Policy illustrates how we get information from customers of Appysa services and our website visitors. We request our users and visitors glance through our privacy policy.

What kind of data do we collect?

We collect your personal information from various points,

(i) While registering as an end-user on our site,

(ii) At the time of product purchase,

(iii) When subscribing to our newsletter or from surveys,

(iv) While communicating with our support team.

Our web pages might use cookies to refine your user experience with Appysa. Cookies are text files set in your device browser to keep up with your choices.

By default cookies never reveal your e-mail id or any other private information without the user’s preference to share information. For instance, sign up as a user at our sites. However, when the user opts to provide the website with personal information, this data gets linked to the information saved in the cookie.

Appysa uses cookies to evaluate website utility and enhance the content and features. For instance, we might use cookies to give a personalized user experience on web pages, like recognizing by your name when retrieved back to our site and saving password recommendations over password-protected pages. We may also use cookies to suggest new products and services.

Third-Party Data and Links

Some segments of Appysa might get charged by our service provider & business partners to deliver the most appropriate and latest information. By this companies, can access data like your domain, click data, and IP address. Appysa will take coherent measures to secure any private personal data those companies access.

Appysa might also utilize agencies to set advertisements on our website pages. These agencies might collect data such as your IP address, domain, and click stream analytics. Appysa will take appropriate steps to guard the private personal data that agencies access.

Appysa may submit ads or links to partner firms. When clicking the link or entering data, You will get redirected to the advertiser or partner website. Appysa has no power over the privacy methods or data these websites request you. We won’t be responsible for privacy procedures or the content of those websites.

Why these data are mandatory?

Appysa bridges the interaction gap between the company and the client to generate good customer relationships. To follow this objective, Appysa collects, utilizes, and discloses the data appropriately. Data gathered on the website might utilize to notify of special promotions, deals, or exclusive offers. There may be important updates that we may need to convey to you if you opt out of receiving notifications linked to promotions, deals, etc. 

Disclosure of the collected data

Any personal data gathered through our website aren’t sold, dealt or shared with any third parties. This disclosure doesn’t enclose our authorized third parties who powered us in running our website, driving our business, or servicing our clients for a while, As those third parties agreed to maintain the data confidential. We may also remove your data when we consider it appropriate to concede with the rule, implement our website policies, or defend our or other’s liberties, safety, or property.

Modification of the Appysa privacy policy

Appysa reserves the privilege to alter, revise or modify this Privacy Policy on any period without earlier notification. When such modification or deletion of any segment of this privacy policy gets done, you will find its updated date at the bottom of this page. Once again users are firmly requested to revise this page often to remain updated with the modifications done. The continuous usage of our site summarizes the approval of these modifications to our Privacy Policy.


We hold the right to provide data without consent in the following scenario,

We trust it’s mandated to concede summonses, court orders, and other legal processes as needed or law permits.

To report, control or help investigate illegal actions or suspected fraudulent activities. 

We use the privacy policy to implement the terms of services and legal rights security in the user agreement of our

Adherence to the current privacy policy

Appysa abides by this privacy policy and principles quite solemnly. We commit to enduring this privacy policy with the appropriate precautions to secure personal information. If you have queries or concerns and want to find your records unbroken by Appysa, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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