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About the app

What is Rentysa - Rental Script?

Introducing Rentysa, a top-tier rental classified script designed for an unparalleled renting experience. Whether registering, browsing, or booking items, Rentysa offers a seamless platform with exceptional features, delivering a superior online rental classified experience.

Discover the ease and sophistication of Rentysa in the world of online rentals. From user-friendly registration to a comprehensive browsing and booking system, Rentysa stands out as a premier rental script, setting the standard for cutting-edge solutions in the online rental classified industry.

Revenue Models

Prominent revenue generation strategies for optimal earnings.


Admin has the capability to run paid featured advertisements for listings, distinguishing them as featured rentals and enhancing their visibility.

Featured Items

Admin has the capability to run paid featured advertisements for listings, distinguishing them as featured rentals and enhancing their visibility.

Google Ads

We've seamlessly integrated Google AdSense into Rentysa, allowing for supplementary revenue generation through ad monetization

Banner Ads

Partner with property owners or organizations to showcase their ads on homepage banners, creating a collaborative revenue opportunity within the rental app clone.

Special Features

Our key features on the Rental script

Flexible Booking Options

Calendar Availability

With Rentysa, the rental marketplace provides users with the convenience of viewing item availability through a calendar feature, enabling easy booking of rental items.

Discounted Homestays

Rentysa, the leading rental script, prominently displays discounted prices for items, ensuring easy visibility and attracting potential renters.

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Featured Items

Promote Products

Implementing effective promotion strategies on the rental classified script can greatly amplify product visibility, boosting their popularity among potential customers.

Manage Promotion

Our rental marketplace enables admins to create and manage diverse promotions, boosting sales and tracking revenue effectively.

Chat with Seller

Instant Chat

Rentysa facilitates instant communication between users and sellers through chat, ensuring quick resolution of queries and clarifications.


The rental script enables users to conveniently send attachments within the chat, facilitating seamless communication and exchange of relevant files.

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Advanced Filters

Ratings & Pricing

Users have the ability to filter listings based on reviews and pricing, allowing them to make informed decisions that suit their preferences and budget.

Location Filter

Users can easily filter listings based on location, empowering them to find rental options in their desired areas and accessibility.


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Convenient signup/login via Facebook and Google for renters and buyers on Rentysa.

Buyers can conveniently add their favorite items to the Wish List, providing them with a convenient way to save and reference

Appysa stripe payment

Rentysa integrates Stripe as the default payment gateway, supporting multiple currencies for seamless transactions.

Rentysa multi language

The rental classified script enables users and renters, to effortlessly post or access rental listings in their preferred language.

Rentysa multi currency

Rentysa empowers users and renters, to seamlessly list or discover rental offerings in a variety of currencies, facilitating broader accessibility and engagement.

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Our rental script displays ratings based on the reviews. This enables users to make informed decisions by considering the feedback and ratings provided by others.

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Designed with users in mind, allowing them to easily edit and update their profiles and information whenever they need to, without any limitations or hassles.

In our rental marketplace, both renters and owners have the opportunity to invite their friends to the platform, effectively expanding its reach and user community.

Our rental script application incorporates a dark theme, elevating its visual attractiveness and drawing users in.

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Rentysa employs OTP-based mechanism to ensure both the secure delivery and return of items, prioritizing a trustworthy and convenient rental experience for users.


In Rentysa, product management is overseen by the admin, who possesses the capability to add, modify, and deactivate listings according to requirements.

Rentysa's admin can easily configure and oversee commission rates for every rental, ensuring adaptable and personalized control.

Why choose us

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Free Script Setup

After your purchase, rest easy our team will handle the installation of the Rental Script on your server, and it comes at no extra cost to you.

Free Rebranding Service

Make our Rental Script yours—personalize with your logo and company name for complete ownership and a unique brand identity.

Free App Submission

We handle the submission of your Rental Script apps, providing full support to ensure they land on the iOS App Store and Android's Play Store hassle-free.

Free Tech Support

Count on our expert team for seamless Rental Script integrations, from Payment Gateways to Servers. Contact us for any product-related queries and expert guidance.

Free licence with source code

Upon project completion, enjoy a complimentary license and complete access to the Rental Script source code—yours to retain and customize as required.

One Time Payment

Secure our Rental Script with a one-time payment and receive the entire source code at no additional cost. Benefit from seamless end-to-end support for a hassle-free experience.


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Includes Web & Apps
  • Website & Apps
  • Web and App installation
  • Logo and Colour Change
  • App Submission
  • Single Domain License
  • 6 month support

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We share common trends and strategies for creating & improving your rental income.

My Rental Script is an advanced online platform designed for creating your rental marketplace. It empowers you to establish a customized rental business with user-friendly features and responsive applications.

After the purchase, we offer a one-time script setup on your hosting server at no additional cost. Additional installations may incur charges.

In today’s technological landscape, determining the exact cost is challenging. Contact us to get a precise estimation based on your unique platform requirements.

Post-purchase, connect with our technical support team via email for assistance. Please note that support is available through email communication and not through phone calls.

No, products obtained from us are strictly for commercial use. The script codes are not intended for resale or redistribution, and any infringement may result in legal actions.

Yes, Rentysa is a fully customizable base platform that can be tailored to build any type of sharing economy platform.

Absolutely, the package entails a one-time payment without any hidden costs.

Upon the successful completion of your Rental Script purchase, the support period will initiate. Utilize our ticketing system to engage with our support team for any assistance or inquiries.

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to extend or renew the support period by reaching out to our dedicated team. We are here to accommodate your needs and ensure ongoing support for your Rental Script.

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