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Enrich your e-learning medium with the top-notch Lynda clone, superficially designed to provide endless and top-grade online learning experiences for desiring students.

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About the app

How does the Lynda clone works?

Discover the potential of Lynda Clone, a transformative e-learning hub designed to elevate student career paths through advanced, graduate-level programs. Immerse yourself in a vast array of courses curated by global organizations, ensuring a holistic and enriching educational experience. Join Appysa, and let’s redefine education together.

Unleash the power of Lynda Clone, your gateway to a dynamic e-learning landscape. Elevate your skills and knowledge with graduate-level programs crafted by global organizations. Appysa invites you to shape your educational journey and career growth in a supportive and enriching online environment. Join us as we revolutionize learning and empower your professional aspirations.


Revenue Models

Prominent revenue generation strategies for optimal earnings.


Admin sets the commission rule for each transaction and obtains a commission payment per course.

Featured Items

Tutors can highlight their courses through paid advertising campaigns to boost their course visibility.

Google Ads

We implemented Google advertisement into the e-learning platform to generate more earnings from ads.

Banner Ads

Admin can run paid banner ads campaigns on the website homepage for the tutors to feature their course.

Special Features

Our key features on the Lynda clone

Learning Progress

Track Your Progress

Tracking their progress empowers students to stay motivated and focused on their course goals, leading to a more productive and fulfilling learning experience.

Video Progress Tracker

The course video resume feature offers users convenience and enables them to easily resume their course and track their progress.

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Highlighted Courses

Boost Course Visibility

Effective promotion strategies can significantly enhance the visibility of courses on the Udemy app clone platform, increasing their popularity among potential customers.

Promotion Management

With the Lynda clone platform, admins can create and manage various types of promotions to boost course enrollment and track revenue generated through these promotions.

Instructor Chat

Real-time chat

With the instant chat feature, users can communicate with instructors in real-time, enabling them to quickly get answers to their questions and resolve any doubts.

File Uploads

With the instant messaging feature on the Learnysa platform, users can easily share files, such as documents and images, with instructors and other students in real-time.

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Refine Your Search

Refine Your Search with Advanced Filters

Lynda clone platform provides users with the ability to easily filter courses based on their preferred level, language, and duration, allowing for a personalized and streamlined learning experience.

Course Ratings & Pricing

Ratings and reviews from fellow learners are vital for prospective students to gauge the course's effectiveness and the instructor's expertise. Moreover, this feedback serves as a valuable tool for instructors to enhance their teaching methods and course materials.


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Instructors and students can sign up or log in with ease using their Facebook or Google accounts, thanks to our convenient social login feature.

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Wish list functionality enables students to save their preferred courses for future reference and easy access

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Harness the potential of Lynda Clone with progress tracking, fostering motivation. Seamlessly resume courses and monitor progress for an enriching learning experience.

With the support of multiple languages, both instructors and students can easily upload or download courses in their preferred language, without any inconvenience.

With the ability to offer courses in various currencies, Learnysa enables instructors to expand their reach and cater to a more diverse audience.

Our Lynda app clone provides instant notification updates to students and teachers through email and push notifications, ensuring timely communication.

Learnysa Profile Management

Our platform provides a user-friendly profile management system that allows users to easily edit and update their profile information at any time, without any restrictions or limitations.

learnysa invite friends

Users and instructors of Learnysa, can invite their friends to join the platform with just a few clicks, helping to expand the community and provide access to a wider range of courses.


The inclusion of a dark theme in the Lynda clone script enhances its visual appeal and attracts users with its sleek and modern design.

learnysa user management

On the Learnysa platform, administrators possess the authority to oversee user accounts, granting them the ability to enable or disable users as deemed necessary.


The Learnysa platform provides the admin with course management capabilities, allowing them to add, edit, or disable courses based on their requirements.

Leanysa commission management

The commission rates for course sales on Learnysa can be easily set up and managed by the administrator, allowing for increased flexibility.

Why choose us

What Makes Us Exceptional Compared to Others?

Free Server Installation

Upon securing your Lynda Clone, we take care of installing the script on your server, ensuring a seamless experience without any extra charges.

Free Rebranding

Transform the Lynda Clone script into your own masterpiece by rebranding it with your logo and company name. Revel in complete ownership & personalized branding experience.

Free App Submission

We manage the submission of your Lynda Clone script apps, providing thorough support to ensure their seamless placement on both the App Store & Play Store presence.

Free Tech Support

Count on our skilled team to assist with third-party integrations such as Payment Gateways and Servers for your Lynda Clone script. Feel free to reach out for any product-related queries and expert guidance.

Source code Freedom

Upon project completion with the Lynda Clone script, acquire a complimentary license and unrestricted access to the source code. It's yours to keep and modify according to your needs.

One Time Payment

Acquire the complete Lynda Clone script source code with a simple one-time payment. Benefit from our dedicated end-to-end support, ensuring your experience is smooth and trouble-free.


Snatch the best offer now!

Embark on an extraordinary educational journey with our Lynda Clone script, available on demand at an exceptionally enticing price! This isn’t just a deal; it’s an opportunity to revolutionize your learning experience. Our platform is meticulously designed for excellence, ensuring accessibility and active engagement.

Elevate your educational aspirations and seize the chance to reshape the way you learn. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer – your gateway to a transformative approach to education awaits!



Includes Web & Apps
  • Website & Apps
  • Web and App installation
  • Logo and Colour Change
  • App Submission
  • Single Domain License
  • 6 month support

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Password: 123456

Admin Login:


Password: 123456

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Infuse innovation into your business using the Lynda Clone script, merging advanced technologies to sculpt a vision of excellence.

We are always here for your backup.

We share common trends and strategies for creating & improving your rental income.

Lynda clone script, a pre-built software solution enabling you to establish your own online learning platform, similar to Linkedin Learning with Lynda which is developed by Appysa. It facilitates the offering of courses and educational content to a wide audience.

A Lynda clone script is a ready-made software solution that empowers the creation of an online learning platform resembling Linkedin Learning with Lynda. It streamlines the process of delivering courses and educational content to users.

Yes, it is a one-time payment only. There are no hidden costs or monthly fees associated with the Appysa’s Lynda clone script.

Certainly, our coding structure is easily understandable, allowing you to make modifications according to your customisation requirements.

Yes, Learnysa provides an option for users to rate and review each course, enhancing the interactive learning experience.

Upon purchase, our support team will contact you to discuss whether you prefer deployment and configuration on your server or a link for source code download.

For an Android Developer Account, the cost is $25/year, and for an Apple Developer Account, it is $99/year.

You can request a demo by submitting details through the “View Demo” option on our website or by sending an email to info@appysacom. Alternatively, you can reach out via WhatsApp: +917200593059.

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