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Custom-made learning management system (LMS Clone) solution to optimize your e-learning platform hassle-free with a seamless & user-friendly experience.

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About the app

How does the LMS clone works?

Experience tailored e-learning management with our LMS platform designed to adapt to your unique needs. The LMS clone script excels in every aspect of online learning platform administration, seamlessly handling tasks such as monitoring, student tracking, reporting and documentation. From streamlined administrative processes to personalized course delivery, our LMS ensures a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, making it the ideal solution for instructors and learners alike.

Efficiency is at the core of our LMS clone script, providing a robust framework for online education. It simplifies the complexities of platform management, allowing instructors to focus on delivering the best content. The LMS clone script versatility shines through in its ability to cater to diverse learning requirements, making it a go-to solution for creating an engaging and effective e-learning environment.

Revenue Models

Prominent revenue generation strategies for optimal earnings.


Admin frames the commission principle for every transaction and receives a commission fee on each course payment.

Featured Items

Instructors can boost their premium courses through promoted ad campaigns to increase their course visibility.

Google Ads

Google AdSense is integrated into the online learning management system to yield extra revenue from ads.

Banner Ads

Admin can run paid banner ads campaigns on the website homepage for the tutors to feature their course.

Special Features

Our key features on the LMS clone

Flexible course categorization

Personalized Course Categories

Our LMS clone offers customisable course categories that can be prioritised on the homepage, providing a personalised learning experience.

Popular Categories

Learnysa displays top categories prominently, attracting more prospective learners and increasing course visibility.

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Search Optimisation

Advanced Filtering

The LMS clone platform offers advanced filters for course search, enabling users to personalize their learning experience by filtering courses based on language, level, and duration.

Valuable feedback to instructors

Course ratings and reviews provide valuable feedback to both potential students and instructors on the course content and teaching quality. This feedback can be used to improve the course content and teaching methodologies for a better learning experience

Student Learning Progress

Empowering Student Progress

Efficiently tracking advancements throughout the course ensures sustained motivation and goal-oriented focus.

Interactive Video Resume Feature

Enhancing user convenience, this attribute facilitates seamless tracking of course progression on our LMS clone page.

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Promoted Courses

Increase Course Exposure

Effective promotion strategies on the LMS clone platform can increase course visibility and popularity among potential customers.

Promotion Management

The LMS clone offers a robust promotion management system, empowering administrators to create and manage various promotions to attract more students and track revenue generated through these promotions


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Users, can effortlessly create an account or log in to the LMS clone platform using their Facebook or Google credentials

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With the course bookmarking feature, students can save courses they are interested in for future reference and quick access.

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Effortlessly monitor progress, keeping students motivated. Our course videos feature a convenient resume option, allowing users to pick up where they left off and track their progress seamlessly.

With the support of multiple languages, both instructors and students can easily upload or download courses in their preferred language, without any inconvenience.

Learnysa Multi Currency

Learnysa's multi-currency support allows instructors to reach a wider audience by offering courses in different currencies.


Our LMS clone app instantly notifies both students and teachers via push notifications and email to ensure prompt communication.

Learnysa Profile Management

Our LMS clone offers a simple and user-friendly profile management system, enabling users to easily update their profile information without complications or limitations.

learnysa invite friends

Learnysa users and instructors can quickly and easily invite friends to join the platform, broadening the community and increasing access to a diverse range of courses.


The addition of a night mode feature in the LMS clone elevates its aesthetics and appeals to users with its stylish and contemporary interface.

learnysa user management

Administrators on the Learnysa platform have the power to manage user accounts, including the ability to enable or disable users when necessary.


With Learnysa, the platform admin can manage courses by adding, editing, or disabling them to fit their needs.

Leanysa commission management

The Learnysa administrator has the flexibility to manage and configure commission rates for course sales with ease, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Why choose us

What Makes Us Extraordinary Compared to Others?

Free Server Installation

Upon purchase, enjoy a cost-free server setup as our team expertly installs the script, ensuring a seamless experience for you without any additional expenses.

Free Rebranding

Infuse our product with your brand identity—add your logo and company name. Gain absolute ownership and revel in a uniquely branded experience tailored to your business.

Free App Submission

Simplify app deployment with our LMS clone. Acquire the apps and receive full support as we ensure they seamlessly reach the IOS App Store and Android's Play Store.

Free Tech Support

Elevate your LMS clone experience with our adept team, specializing in seamless third-party integrations such as Payment Gateways and Servers. Connect with us for tailored solutions and product queries.

Source code Freedom

Upon project completion, unlock a complimentary license for our LMS clone, granting you unrestricted access to the source code. Yours to keep and customize as per your unique requirements.

One Time Payment

Make a single payment for our LMS clone and receive the full source code at no extra cost. Our swift end-to-end support ensures a trouble-free experience, making your investment truly valuable.


Secure the most incredible deal today!

Embark on a unique e-learning adventure with Appysa – our standout LMS Clone. Dive into its user-friendly features and seamless functionality for an enriching learning experience. Appysa is your key to excellence in education technology.

Elevate your platform with unbeatable value, setting new standards in online learning. Choose Appysa for a innovative education journey at a price that can’t be beaten.



Includes Web & Apps
  • Website & Apps
  • Web and App installation
  • Logo and Colour Change
  • App Submission
  • Single Domain License
  • 6 month support

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We are always here for your backup.

Delve into our FAQ section to find concise answers to commonly asked questions about our LMS Clone Script. Discover essential information about pricing, technical support, customization options, and more to ensure a smooth and successful launch of your eLearning platform.

LMS Clone Script is an innovative solution, serving as a comprehensive Learning Management Software to establish your personalized eLearning marketplace. Equipped with responsive apps, it ensures a seamless user experience.

Contact us for a customized cost estimation based on your Learning Management Software’s specifications.

Connect with our technical support team via email after your purchase for prompt assistance. Please note that support is exclusively available through email communication.

No, products purchased from us are strictly for commercial use. The script codes are not meant for resale or redistribution, and any infringement may lead to legal actions.

Our tech support covers text and color changes, answering queries, and bug fixing. Critical issues will be addressed promptly, while non-critical fixes will be included in future updates.

Absolutely, the script is fully customizable for various eLearning models and needs.

Yes, after the purchase, we offer a one-time script setup on your hosting server without any additional cost. Additional installations may incur charges.

Certainly, your package includes a one-time payment without any hidden costs.

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