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Launch your online taxi booking business in a few days with our Taxisa – Taxi booking script.

taxi booking script
taxi booking script

About the app

What is Taxi Booking Script & Dispatch Software?

Taxisa – A taxi booking scripts are pre-built software solutions that act as a springboard for entrepreneurs. These Taxi booking and dispatch software provide the essential features for riders and drivers to connect and book taxis through a mobile app, eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming custom development. Entrepreneurs benefit from a fast launch, customization options to fit their brand, and a cost-effective solution.

Revenue Models

Prominent revenue generation strategies for optimal earnings.

Ride Commission

Our taxi booking script generates revenue primarily through ride commissions. We deduct a percentage of the fare paid by riders for each completed trip, while the rest goes to the driver, ensuring a fair for both parties.

Advertisement Banner

Maximize your earnings with our app's Ad Banner feature. Showcase advertisements and earn passive income continuously by partnering with interested companies.

Google Ads

Diversify your revenue streams with Google Ads integration. By leveraging targeted advertising within our platform, you can earn revenue through ad impressions and clicks in our taxi booking script.

Cancellation Fee

Increase profitability with our Cancellation Fee feature. Companies can charge a fee when customers cancel ride-bookings, providing an additional revenue stream. Manage cancellation fees in real-time from the admin panel.

Special Features

Our key features on the Taxi Booking Script

Rider App

Instant & Schedule Rides

With our Taxi Booking Software, booking rides is easy. Whether you need a ride right now or want to schedule one for later, our app can handle it all seamlessly. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free transportation anytime, anywhere.

Corporate Ride

With our taxi booking and dispatch software, employees can register their company details along with their ID details. When booking a ride, they simply select the "Corporate Ride" option, complete the trip, and easily download the invoice details specifically for corporate rides.

taxi booking script
taxi booking script

Expanded Booking Choices

Outstation Travel

Experience comfortable outstation journeys with Hieme Outstation. Users can easily book rides for longer distances right from the app. Admins can boost revenue by adding this new vertical and adjust pricing in real-time from the admin panel for optimal profitability.

Rental Package

Our new rental feature allows riders to pay on the go and plan their day effortlessly with destination management. Whether it's commuting, school runs, airport trips, or city exploration, no surge pricing, and utmost privacy for hassle-free rides.

Driver Management

Driver Dashboard

Keep your drivers in the loop with easy-to-use tools. They can check their weekly earnings and performance right from their driver dashboard. Plus, they can decide which trip requests to accept or decline based on their schedule.

Surge Pricing

When there's a lot of demand for rides, our app adjusts the prices to match. This helps make sure there are enough drivers available when it's busy. So, both drivers and riders benefit from fair prices and better service. 

taxi booking script
taxi booking script

Real-Time Navigation

Live Tracking

Stay informed every step of the way with our Taxi Booking Script and dispatch software's Live Tracking feature. Receive real-time updates about your trip status, including driver location and estimated time of arrival. With live tracking, you can relax knowing exactly where your ride is and when it will arrive.

Map Navigation

With our integrated Google Maps feature, drivers can easily navigate your route, ensuring a smooth and efficient trip. Users can monitor real-time ETA for both pickup and drop-off, allowing them to stay informed about ride completion timings accurately.


taxi booking script

Users can quickly join your app with a simple sign-up process or by linking their social media accounts. This streamlined approach makes getting started straightforward and convenient. By minimizing barriers to entry, you can attract more users to your service. 

taxi booking script

Customers can find and book rides easily with the app's built-in GPS function. It automatically detects their current location, allowing them to hail a ride even in unfamiliar areas. This feature also helps drivers navigate to their passengers efficiently.

It’s a convenient tool that enhances the overall ride-hailing experience in the Taxi booking app.

taxi booking script

Provide your customers with an upfront fare estimate once they enter their pickup and drop-off locations. This transparency helps customers choose a ride that matches their budget and expectations.

Knowing the fare beforehand makes the booking process more user-friendly. This level of clarity can build trust and encourage repeat usage.

taxi booking script

Once a driver accepts a trip, users can track their ride in real-time. They can view the driver’s current location and estimated time of arrival, offering a sense of security and efficiency.

This transparency enhances the user experience and sets expectations for the ride. It's also a helpful tool for coordinating pickups.


taxi booking script

Customers can easily communicate with their driver through the app using call or messaging options. This allows them to provide specific instructions or ask for updates.

Such seamless communication ensures a smoother ride experience for both parties. It also fosters a better relationship between customers and drivers.

taxi booking script

An in-app wallet streamlines the payment process for customers, eliminating the need for cash or cards. This feature allows for quick, secure transactions right from the app.

It also enables users to manage their funds and view their payment history. A seamless payment experience encourages loyalty and convenience.

Customers can review all their past rides in detail, including pickup and drop-off locations, costs, and ride durations. This record helps users keep track of their transportation expenses and monitor their travel history.

A comprehensive ride history builds trust and accountability.

At the end of each ride, users receive a detailed invoice outlining the cost breakdown. This includes charges based on time, distance, and stops, ensuring transparency in billing.

Such clear and accurate invoices help customers understand what they're paying for. It can also assist in managing their transportation budget.

In emergencies, customers can quickly access the SOS alert button for immediate help. This feature connects them with emergency contacts or services without any delay.

It's a crucial safety measure that can provide peace of mind during a ride. Offering such safety tools can make your app stand out from the competition.

Drivers have access to a comprehensive dashboard to monitor their performance and track their earnings. They can review completed rides, income, and other key metrics for their business.

This data can help them optimize their driving strategy and improve their service quality. A well-organized dashboard empowers drivers and enhances their experience.

Adjust your prices during peak hours to capitalize on high demand and increase profits. This dynamic pricing strategy can help manage the balance between supply and demand.

Surge pricing can also motivate more drivers to be available during busy times. It’s a tool that supports both operational efficiency and financial growth.

Keep your customers updated on their ride status with timely push notifications. This includes updates on driver arrival, ride progress, and trip completion.

Consistent communication ensures customers feel informed and in control of their experience. It also builds trust in your service and can lead to higher satisfaction.

Allow customers to rate their rides and share feedback on their experiences. This valuable input helps you identify areas for improvement and enhance your service quality.

Encouraging reviews can also foster a sense of community and connection with your user base. It's a crucial component of continuous improvement.

Offer your app in various languages to cater to a diverse customer base. This inclusivity helps you reach a broader audience and accommodate international users.

By providing support in multiple languages, you can enhance user satisfaction and accessibility. It’s a key factor in expanding your market reach.

Enable customers to pay for rides using different currencies, supporting users from around the world. This flexibility allows international travelers to use your service without hassle. Offering multiple currency options can also boost user adoption and loyalty. It’s an essential feature for a global audience.

Why choose us

People choose us because we provide top-notch service that meets everyone's needs.

Free Server Setup

After purchasing our service, we'll install the taxi booking script on your server at no extra cost, ensuring a seamless and straightforward setup process.

Free White Labeling

Transform your taxi booking platform with our script, featuring your logo and brand identity. Achieve distinctive branding and full ownership with ease.

Free App Submission

Let us handle app submissions for your taxi booking script. We ensure a smooth and hassle-free launch on both iOS and Android platforms.

Free Tech Support

Receive seamless integrations with the support of our taxi booking script team. Contact us for expert  assistance to enhance your platform.

Free licence with source code

Enjoy free access to the complete source code for your taxi booking script. Customize it to fit your needs and maintain full ownership.

One Time Payment

Secure the taxi booking script with a single, upfront payment. Gain lifetime access to the full source code and comprehensive support.


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Includes Web & Apps
  • Website & Apps
  • Web and App installation
  • Logo and Colour Change
  • App Submission
  • 6 month support
  • Single Domain License

We are always here for your backup.

Explore our comprehensive FAQ to learn how our advanced Taxi Booking Script can elevate your ride-hailing business. Discover essential information on features, customization, pricing, and support. Whether you’re just starting or scaling your operations, our FAQ provides clear insights to help you make the best decisions for your business. Get ready to revolutionize your taxi booking service with our powerful script.

Our Taxi Booking Script is an advanced platform for creating your own ride-hailing service. It offers responsive apps for a seamless experience and includes features like user-friendly booking and real-time tracking.

For a personalized cost estimate based on your specific needs, please reach out to us directly.

After purchasing the script, you can contact our technical support team via email for help. Please note that support is available through email only and not over the phone.

Yes, our script is designed for commercial use. However, the source code cannot be resold or redistributed; any violation may result in legal action.

Our support includes guidance on customizing text and colors, answering questions, and fixing bugs. Critical issues are addressed promptly, while minor issues are resolved in future updates.

Yes, the script is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor the platform to fit your business model.

Yes, we offer a one-time setup on your hosting server free of charge. Additional installations may incur an extra fee.

Yes, the package requires a one-time payment with no hidden fees

Mobile App & Website :
Rider Portal: 
Instant & Schedule Rides
Corporate Ride
Rental Packages
Outstation Trip
Realtime Navigation
Map Navigation
Automatic Location Detection
Fare Estimate
Coupon Discount
Instant Chat with Driver
Phone Call with Driver
In-app Wallet
Ride History
Rating and Reviews
Invoices Download
SOS Alert
Notification & Email Alerts
Multiple Language
Multiple Currency

Driver Portal:
Driver Signup
Document Submission for Admin Verification
Driver Dashboard
Accept/Decline Ride
Surge Pricing
Instant Message with Rider
Phone Call with Rider
Notification & Email Alerts
Multiple Language
Multiple Currency

Admin Panel: 
Admin Push notification
Manage Moderators.
Manage Riders
Manage Drivers
Manage Ride Bookings
Manage Cancelling Bookings
Manage Driver Payout
Manage Commissions
Manage Coupons
Manage Donations
Manage the Categories with Price
Manage Logo settings
Manage SEO Settings
Advertisement Banner
Manage SMTP Settings
Manage Help

taxi booking script

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