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Embark on your journey into the realm of online education by starting your own eLearning script. Our platform offers a robust B2B learning management solution packed with attractive features.

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About the app

What is eLearning Software?

eLearning software is an innovative platform designed to connect eager learners with experienced instructors, all through a user-friendly interface. This revolutionary software ensures a comprehensive learning journey, enabling users to easily discover relevant courses and enroll in them securely.

What distinguishes our eLearning software from others is its exceptional features, setting it apart in the realm of online education. The development of our eLearning software simplifies the process of discovering suitable courses, empowering learners to seamlessly search for and join classes that perfectly match their educational objectives. For entrepreneurs aiming to launch their enterprise learning platform, our eLearning software offers substantial advantages.

Revenue Models

Prominent revenue generation strategies for optimal earnings.


The online learning management system allows admin to earn a commission on each successful payment for a course. Admin can set up commission rules to their specifications.

Featured Items

Administrators have the option to promote courses through paid featured listings, distinguishing them as highlighted offerings within the online learning management system.

Google Ads

Integration of Google AdSense into the online learning software enables administrators to generate additional revenue through ad monetization in our online learning management software.

Banner Ads

Opportunities for collaboration with instructors or organisations to display their ads on homepage banners provide administrators with an extra revenue stream.

Special Features

Our key features on the Elearning Script

Student Learning

Course Progress

Students can effectively maintain motivation and focus on their goals by tracking their progress throughout the course.

Course Video Resume

This feature provides convenience to users and allows them to easily keep track of their progress in the course.

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Advanced Filters

Course Level, Language & Duration

eLearning Script offers advanced filters, enabling users to easily search for courses by specifying level, language, and duration criteria. This simplifies the process of finding the right course for their needs.

Ratings & Pricing

Ratings and reviews from other users can help potential students make an informed decision about the quality of the course and the instructor. Additionally, tutors can use this feedback to improve their teaching and course content.

Chat with Instructor

Instant Chat

Utilizing the chat function allows for real-time communication with instructors, promoting quick and efficient resolution of doubts and questions.


The instant chat feature of the eLearning Script enables file sharing, including documents, images, and other files.

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Featured Course

Promote Course

Effective promotion strategies can significantly enhance the visibility of courses on the eLearning Script platform, increasing their popularity among potential customers.

Manage Promotion

With our eLearning Script, admins can create and manage different types of promotions to increase course enrollment and track revenue generated through these promotions.


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Our eLearning Script enhances user convenience with quick social media login, simplifying access to the platform and starting the learning journey efficiently.

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Students can easily save and manage their preferred courses using the Favorites feature, personalizing their learning experience and streamlining future enrollments.

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Easily maintain motivation and focus on your goals with our eLearning Script's course progress tracking. The course video resume feature offers user convenience, allowing seamless monitoring of your advancement throughout the learning journey on our Online Learning Management System.


Our eLearning Software supports multiple languages and currencies, making it accessible and user-friendly for learners worldwide.


Students can provide valuable feedback on courses to enhance their quality, aiding peers in making informed enrollment decisions on the eLearning Script platform.

Learnysa Profile ManagementTeachers and students can conveniently modify their profiles and information anytime without restrictions on the eLearning Software.

learnysa invite friendsBoth users and instructors can invite friends to the platform, expanding its reach and community on the eLearning Script.


Choose between dark and light themes for a personalized visual experience, enhancing user comfort and app usability.

Learnysa_Course_managementAdmins can easily add, edit, and disable courses as needed in the course management section of the eLearning Script platform.

Leanysa commission managementAdmins on the eLearning Software platform have the authority to establish and oversee commission rates for courses, providing flexibility in financial management.

learnysa user managementAdmins can efficiently manage user accounts on the admin panel by enabling, editing, or disabling users on the eLearning Script platform.

Why choose us

People choose us because we serve the best for everyone

Free Server Setup

Get your Elearning Script up and running seamlessly with our free script installation service post-purchase, ensuring a hassle-free experience without extra charges.

Free White Labeling

Transform your Elearning Script with personalized branding, featuring your logo and brand name effortlessly to establish a unique identity in the market.

Free App Submission

Leave the app submission process to us, ensuring full support for a smooth presence on iOS and Android stores with our Elearning Script, hassle-free.

Free Tech Support

Experience seamless integrations and expert guidance from our Elearning Script team, enhancing your platform's functionality effortlessly.

Free licence with source code

Enjoy complete ownership and customization freedom with our Elearning Script's source code access, tailored to fit your unique needs without restrictions.

One Time Payment

Secure your Elearning script with a one time payment, accessing the complete source code with no additional cost and receive seamless end-to-end support throughout.


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Includes Web & Apps
  • Server Installation
  • 100% source code
  • Logo and Colour Change
  • App Submission
  • Single Domain License
  • 6 month support

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Discover essential information about our Elearning Script through our FAQ section. Gain insights into payment options, installation procedures, and technical support channels. We provide transparent pricing with a one-time fee structure and offer complimentary installation on your hosting server. Rest assured, our dedicated technical support team is available via email to assist you every step of the way. Explore our FAQ to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience as you embark on your eLearning platform journey.

Elearning Script is an innovative online learning management software, empowering you to create your personalized eLearning marketplace. With responsive apps and seamless user experience, it stands out from the rest.

Get in touch with us for a customized cost estimation tailored to your Elearning Software platform’s specifications.

Connect with our technical support team via email after your purchase for any assistance you need. Please note that support is available exclusively through email communication.

Yes, Elearning Script is designed for commercial use. However, the script codes are not meant for resale or redistribution, and any misuse may lead to legal actions.

Our tech support covers text and color changes, bug fixing, and answering queries. Critical issues are addressed promptly, while non-critical fixes are included in future updates.

Absolutely, Elearning Script offers full customization options to accommodate various eLearning models and needs.

Yes, we provide a one-time script setup on your hosting server at no additional cost after purchase. Additional installations may incur charges.Yes, we provide a one-time script setup on your hosting server at no additional cost after purchase. Additional installations may incur charges.

Certainly, your package includes a one-time payment without any hidden costs, ensuring transparent pricing for your Elearning Software platform.

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