Udemy Clone Script with Apps

Start your own Udemy clone script –  online course business with Appysa’s Learnysa. And it is the best B2B learning management solution with attractive features. 

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What is Udemy Clone?

Udemy clone is a  open source script with apps to  start a business like udemy.  It provides an exclusive learning and teaching  experience. Appysa uses top-notch technologies to develop the Udemy app clone. Our udemy clone is the best option to start an online educational business.

Prioritizable Course Categories

Home Prioritizable Categories

With Learnysa, Admin have the ability to prioritize categories based on their unique needs and requirements, providing a customized learning experience.

Popular Categories

By featuring popular categories, the Udemy clone script platform can attract a larger customer base and increase visibility for its courses.

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Featured Courses

Promote Course

Effective promotion strategies can significantly enhance the visibility of courses on the Udemy app clone platform, increasing their popularity among potential customers.

Manage Promotion

With our Udemy clone, admin can create and manage different types of promotions to increase course enrollment and track revenue generated through these promotions.

Advanced Filters

Course Level, Language & Duration

Learnysa allows users to easily search for courses by specifying level, language, and duration criteria, simplifying the process of finding the right course for their needs.

Ratings & Pricing

Ratings and reviews from other users can help potential students make an informed decision about the quality of the course and the instructor. Additionally, tutors can use this feedback to improve their teaching and course content.

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Instructor Dashboard

Summary View

By analyzing enrollment and engagement metrics, instructors can make necessary adjustments to their courses to improve the learning experience for their students.

Enrolment Analysis

Teachers can also track the course enrollments and views, allowing them to gauge the popularity of their course and make informed decisions about how to promote it.

Promo Videos & Quiz Documents

Quiz Documents

Updating quiz documents and interacting with students enhances engagement and interaction.

Promo Videos

Promo videos serve as a useful tool to showcase course highlights and draw in potential users.

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Chat with Instructor

Instant Chat

Utilizing the chat function allows for real-time communication with instructors, promoting quick and efficient resolution of doubts and questions.


The instant chat feature of Udemy clone enables file sharing, including documents, images, and other files.

Student Learning

Course Progress

Throughout the course. Students can effectively maintain motivation and focus on their goals by tracking their progress.

Course Video Resume

This feature provides convenience to users and allows them to easily keep track of their progress in the course.

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Rating and Reviews

Course Reviews

Students can provide valuable feedback in order to enhance the course and aid their peers in making informed choices regarding enrollment.

Instructor Reviews

Students can review and rate the instructor based on their teaching quality and effectiveness.

What people say about us

Learnysa, our Udemy clone, is equipped with advanced features and technology. Our team is committed to resolving any technical issues that may arise in our scripts and apps, while also ensuring timely delivery. In addition, Appysa offer free installation, rebranding, and app submission services to our clients.

Significant features of Udemy Clone

Signup / Sign in

Convenient Signup or log in through social accounts like Facebook, and Google for instructors and students

Wish list

Students can add their favorite courses to the wish list tab. It helps them for future reference and instant access to that course.

Payment Gateway

For seamless transactions, we integrated Stripe payment which supports multiple currencies as the default payment gateway.


Multi Language

Studying in the native language gives a better understanding. So that Learnysa allows tutors to update the course in multiple languages.


Multi Currency

Appysa's Learnysa allows students and teachers to use the native currency. It is easier for the payment without conversion.

Instant Notification

Udemy app clone updates the students and tutors instantly through push notifications and email notifications time-to-time.

Profile Management

Teachers and students can modify their profiles and information conveniently anytime without any restrictions.

Invite Friends

Udemy clone script allows both users and instructors to invite friends to the platform, to increase the reach.

Dark Theme

To enhance the visual attraction to the user, the Udemy app clone featured a dark theme.

User Management

The administrator of Learnysa can manage the user account on the admin panel by enabling, editing, or disabling the users.

Courses Management

The admin of Learnysa allows the administrator to add, edit and disable the courses as needed in the course management section.

Commission Management

Administator of the online education platform can setup and manage the commission rate for the courses.

Revenue Models of Udemy app clone

Notable revenue generation methods to earn efficiently through our udemy clone script.


Admin earns a commission on every successful payment for a course. Admin can set up the commission rule.

Featured Courses

Admin can run paid featured ads for courses to highlight them from other courses as the featured course.

Google Ads

We integrated Google AdSense into the platform to generate additional revenue from ad monetization.

Banner Ads

Collaborate with instructors or organizations to highlight their ads and earn revenue on the homepage banners.

Udemy Clone Script Revenue Model


Best Price


includes web and apps
  • Website
  • Android and IOS app
  • 100% source code
  • Web and App installation
  • Logo and Colour Change
  • App Submission
  • Single Domain License
  • 6 month support

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Technology Used

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The views and opinions expressed about Udemy.com or any other clone are solely for the purpose of marketing and promoting our product. These views and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the official Udemy company. The design and code elements of the product are fully protected under Appysa’s liabilities. Appysa Technologies is not involved in any promotional activities (direct or indirect) for Udemy. Appysa is obliged not to make any defamatory statements, infringe, or authorize the infringement of any legal right of Udemy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, both web and apps are 100% customization to the requirement.

Yes, there is no hidden cost for the package. 

Once the payment is received and acknowledged by our accounts team, our support team will send you the base package of source code.

After completion of installation and app submission, our team will send you the updated source code.

  • Dedicated server
  • Logo and color
  • Play store account
  • App Store account
  • Social login details

Yes, we update our product based on the features required to the trends.

Yes, We can integrate addition or remove and implement a new payment gateway. But it cost extra.

Once the purchase is done the support period will be calculated. You can communicate with our support team via our ticket system. 

Note: If a ticket is in open, our team will support you even the support expired for the particular query.

Yes, you can renew the support period by contacting our team.

Still you need more clarifications, feel free to contact us